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Updated: 14 weeks 2 days ago

Is a formal description of a distribution exists ?

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 15:34

I recently tried to install several "minimalists" distribution, on VirtualBox. The result is not complete because I hit walls when it comes to graphical environments. I encountered many minor issues because of some configuration option.

I'm not blaming the docs, that was written with many details, and the guys help the user the best as they can. But it was probably a lot of work for the maintainers and that doesn't prevent my poor brain to be lost between the various elements that depends to another.

I wonder if a kind of formal representation of the whole thing is available somewhere. Whatever a graph or something else. Such a document can be used also for individual packages.

In the ideal case, the user just have to learn the grammar of the definition, and he will be able to install every distro provided with such a definition without anything else. He gets all the dependencies of course, but also every configuration variable and their location in the package. And for the distribution developer the docs can be more concise.

If such a document is accurate enough we can even imagine a software that could parse it and install everything. The user just have to fill the options and the distribution developer just have to write a single document to generate the distribution and provide the documentation and the distro at the same time without any ISO .

I'm not sure this amazing thing exists, but at least some efficient way to describe an installation could be nice.

submitted by /u/DriNeo
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BIND Zone Xfer not Working

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 15:34

I have two Ubuntu VM's running at home and I've set up zone transfers between them. The only problem is that it's not working. I've verified connectivity between between the VM's (they're on the same network). Not quite sure where to look, I've been googling for a bit and tried a few of the things that have come up but nothing has worked so far. Can someone take a look at this and give me a hand?

On NS1:

zone "home.foo-bar.net" { type master; file "/etc/bind/zones/db.home.foo-bar.net"; # zone file path allow-transfer {; }; # ns2 private IP address - secondary }; zone "5.168.192.in-addr.arpa" { type master; file "/etc/bind/zones/db.5.168.192"; # subnet allow-transfer {; }; # ns2 private IP address - secondary };

acl "trusted" {; # ns1 - can be set to localhost; # ns2; # home network }; options { directory "/var/cache/bind"; recursion yes; # enables resursive queries allow-recursion { trusted; }; # allows recursive queries from "trusted" clients listen-on {; }; # ns1 private IP address - listen on private network only allow-transfer {; }; # disable zone transfers by default forwarders {;;; }; listen-on-v6 { any; }; };

; ; BIND data file for local loopback interface ; $TTL 604800 @ IN SOA ns1.home.foo-bar.net. admin.home.foo-bar.net. ( 10072021005 ; Serial 604800 ; Refresh 86400 ; Retry 2419200 ; Expire 604800 ) ; Negative Cache TTL ; ; name servers - NS records IN NS ns1.home.foo-bar.net. IN NS ns2.home.foo-bar.net. ; name servers - A records ns1.home.foo-bar.net. IN A ns2.home.foo-bar.net. IN A ; - A records wifi.home.foo-bar.net. IN A ib.home.foo-bar.net. IN A hp8710.home.foo-bar.net. IN A esxi.home.foo-bar.net. IN A plex.home.foo-bar.net. IN A aprs.home.foo-bar.net. IN A cml.home.foo-bar.net. IN A net-tools.home.foo-bar.net. IN A wx.home.foo-bar.net. IN A

On NS2:

zone "home.foo-bar.net" { type slave; file "slaves/db.home.foo-bar.net"; # zone file path masters {; }; # ns1 private IP }; zone "5.168.192.in-addr.arpa" { type slave; file "slaves/db.5.168.192"; # subnet masters {; }; # ns1 private IP };

acl "trusted" {; # ns1; # ns2 - can be set to localhost; # home network }; options { directory "/var/cache/bind"; recursion yes; allow-recursion { trusted; }; listen-on {; }; # ns2 private IP address allow-transfer {; }; # disable zone transfers by default forwarders {;;; }; listen-on-v6 { any; }; };

submitted by /u/Drekalots
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Is learning music production on Linux worth it?

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 15:34

I have been using Linux as my primary driver for more than 3 years now somehow finding ways to make stuff work if its not natively available on Linux. For learning music production though, this has been a bit hard. I got FL studio through wine but I am not sure if all the plugins will run through wine. LMMS is pretty good but doesnt have the same level of community enganement and plugins as FL.

submitted by /u/ajx_711
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Linux Desktop Suggestion for Dual Monitor Setup

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 15:34

What are your suggestions for a Desktop that has proper dual/multi monitor setup?

I used quite a lot of distros, Ubuntu, Zorin OS, Elementary OS, Pop OS. Most of them were Gnome but Elementary which was the worst in terms of Dual Monitor setup.

The dock doesn't appear in every screen, top bar the same, workspaces only in one of them and you have to tweak them to make it work. Is there a desktop that gets all those things solved?

I mean even windows was a better experience for dual monitors, if you have the same resolution on both of them. I'm starting to think that moving to MacOS is the better option because they have all those little things sorted out for me.

submitted by /u/dimizago
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Zoom gains virtual background without green screen functionality

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 15:34

As of Linux-native Zoom version (Flatpak us.zoom.Zoom from remote Flathub), the option to enable a virtual background without a green screen is available by default. Zoom will now automatically detect people in the video feed and overlay an image on the background. Three default images are available out of the box, with the option to add more, as well as an option to blur the background without overlaying an image.

submitted by /u/Kdwk-L
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Categories: World News

Gaming on Fedora

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 15:34
Categories: World News

Screencastify videos to download

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 15:34

So my teacher just gave me this Screencastify video to watch. Screencastify is a video platform in which you make videos and share it. I started watching the video and the video player is horrendous, it fucking sucks. I wanted to download the video so that i can play it in a good video player like VLC etc. I tried a couple of ways like youtube-dl and other things i found online. But none of them worked, so is there a way you fine people know on how i can download that Screencastify video? Also before anyone says just use their video player, fuck no i would rather sniff my own farts than ever use that video player again.

submitted by /u/Sluggboiz
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AI-Created Faces Can Be Reverse-Engineered To Expose True Faces They Trained On

Tue, 10/12/2021 - 14:57

A collection of AI-generated faces. Photo 194752647 © Max Mahey | Dreamstime.com

“Fake” faces might not be so fake after all. In response to a popular website called ‘This Person Does Not Exist’, where people can obtain photos of non-existent people dreamed up by artificial intelligence without stumbling into copyright issues, a team of scientists has conducted a study they call ‘This Person (Probably) Exists’ to reveal actual human faces that such tools were trained on.

As detailed in their paper, many of the AI-generated results closely resemble the faces in human photos fed to generative adversarial networks (GANs), meaning that it’s possible to unmask the people behind the AI “photos,” MIT Technology Review reports. After all, algorithms learn what human faces look like based on these images.

To embark on this process, a team at the University of Caen Normandy led by Ryan Webster observed how differently a model would treat all-new, unseen data and data it has been trained with, which it has likely worked with thousands of times over.

Next up, they created a model that would identify cues differentiating the AI’s reactions to familiar and unseen images, and then taught it to use those signifiers to predict if an image belonged to a training set. It’s not too difficult to pick up if a model is looking at data it hasn’t seen before; it might be able to name a particular object, for instance, but with less confidence than from a familiar set of data.

Going even further, the group not only identified the original human photos that inspired the AI versions, but also managed to track down non-identical photos that seemed to feature the same people with the help of a separate face-recognition AI. You can view some before and after faces here.

The worry is that attackers could get into AI data and obtain information that scientists might have assumed had already been overwritten by AI touches. For example, third parties could get into a model trained on medical data and trace it back to actual people with an illness.

However, Webster also shared the other side of the coin, justifying that artists can use this method to see if their work had been used to train an AI without their knowledge. “You could use a method such as ours for evidence of copyright infringement,” he added. Additionally, researchers can run their projects through such systems to verify that results aren’t too similar to the training set.

For instances where a person has no access to training data, Jan Kautz, vice president of learning and perception research at Nvidia, and his coworkers have developed an algorithm that attempts to retrace all the layers a model would go through to identify an image. By interrupting the model midway and reversing its direction, the AI was able to closely mimic input images from popular dataset ImageNet:

Photos from the ImageNet dataset (above) VS images reverse-engineered by AI. Screenshot via Dong et al

The Nvidia team hopes to explore methods to stop algorithms from exposing confidential data.

[via MIT Technology Review, cover photo 194752647 © Max Mahey | Dreamstime.com]
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