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Match & Ryan Reynolds Urge Singles To Save Wedding Singers By Not Being Single

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:24
[Click here to view the video in this article]

Video screenshot via Ryan Reynolds

Your dry spell isn’t just affecting you, it’s also putting wedding singers around the world out of their jobs.

Online dating platform Match, along with Ryan Reynolds’ production firm Maximum Effort, is thus beseeching you to act responsibly by… getting back to love, so wedding singers can continue to get paid.

The witty musical performance by Match—which owns popular dating services like Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, and PlentyOfFish—spotlights a humorous song written by the Grammy, Tony, and Oscar-winning Pasek & Paul of La La Land and The Greatest Showman fame, as well as songwriters Taura Stinson and Shane McAnally, The Drum reports. The film was produced by Grammys president Harvey Mason Jr.

The advertisement features 12 real wedding singers, all earnest to be a part of someone’s big day again. One laments almost having to move in with his mother. Others suggest just using your photos from 2019 in your dating profile, “’cause we all look like hot messes getting through quarantine.”

The talents are all available for hire, and Match.com has freed up space on its Instagram page to bring visibility to them.

“We’re currently in a culture-shifting moment for daters,” explains Ayesha Gilarde, chief marketer of Match. “Singles are coming out of the pandemic feeling all kinds of different feelings. But one thing’s for sure: they’re ready to make up for lost time.”

[via The Drum, video and cover image via Ryan Reynolds]
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Colgate Transforms The Universal Smile Into Its Fresh New Sonic Logo

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:24
[Click here to view the video in this article]

Image via MassiveMusic

Colgate is surely all smiles with its new menthol-fresh logo that you can actually hear.

To bring those pearly whites from ear to ear, Colgate tapped creative music agency MassiveMusic London and New York to create a full sonic brand identity that reflects the brand’s assurance of “Optimism in Action” across more than 200 markets.

Happiness isn’t easily measured, especially among millions of customers, so the agency’s London wing turned to sound experts to design a sonic brand that is “culturally and regionally agnostic” anywhere in the world.

Specialists, including ethnomusicologist Joseph Jordania, agreed that certain types of humming are universally recognized as “a human expression of wellbeing.” That was an aha moment for MassiveMusic, which decided to make the happy human hum Colgate’s sonic logo.

The two-second logo consists of a blend of male and female tones, with the optimistic D Major as the overarching key. For a real and natural feel, the sound is paired in sync with Colgate’s smile visual animation.

Apart from the sound, MassiveMusic created a full “sonic architecture” for the logo to harmonize with customers worldwide. “For an overarching approach to the Colgate brand sound, our research pointed us in the direction of musical ingredients such as strong beats, thrills, bright sounds and surprising moments,” MassiveMusic explains. “We also made sure the core sonic DNA was adaptive and flexible enough, to be able to work in many different styles and music genres, but always unmistakably Colgate.”

Hear it for yourself at the two-minute mark in the video below.

[via Ad Age and Mobile Marketing Magazine, video and cover image via MassiveMusic]
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The MythBuster Challenge

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:22
Take on Klarna’s Mythbuster Challenge to discover amusing misconceptions and truths across seven paintings by Ignasi Monreal in an open-air immersive experience.
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A to Z of Sketch: Tips & Tricks!

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:21

Let me show you some rapid tips and tricks in Sketch for Mac. We’ll look at 26 Sketch tips and tricks from A to Z.

Once you get familiarized with Sketch, check out Envato Elements! With one subscription, you’ll have unlimited access to numerous Sketch resources such as Sketch templates, Sketch shapes, and more. One simple commercial licensing that you can cancel at any time!

What You Will Learn in this Sketch Tutorial:
  • How to Work With Vectors in Sketch
  • How to Manage Sketch Layers
  • How to Work with Sketch Symbols
  • How to Create and Edit Shapes in Sketch
A is for Artboards

An Artboard represents the area where a screen design will be created in Sketch. By default, your starting artboard will be white, and you can have multiple artboards in one document.

Selecting the Artboard tool from the toolbar or pressing the A hotkey will open a list with the most common screen sizes in the right sidebar. You can select one of the preset Sketch templates and add the artboard to your design, or you can define your own custom size artboard.

Click the name of an Arboard to select it and use the bounding box whenever you wish to scale it.

B is for Borders

A Border (stroke) can be applied on any type of layer from a Sketch document.

In the Inspector you can change the border color, adjust the style, set the alignment and the thickness, or you can select one of the cap and join border settings. When you’re working with opened paths you can add a start and end design. More about this when we get to letter L where we’ll discuss lines.

C is for Customize Toolbar

Right-click on your toolbar and go to Customize Toolbar whenever you wish to edit the buttons available on your toolbar.

Click and drag different buttons that might fit your needs for a specific project. You can easily drag the default set into the toolbar and using the drop down menu you can remove the text below your buttons.

D is for Command+D

Use this Sketch shortcut whenever you wish to duplicate a selected layer from your design. Your copy will be added on top of the original Sketch layer.

E is for Edit

Using Edit mode you can edit an existing shape. Double-click on the shape, select it and press enter, or click the Edit button from the toolbar to activate Edit mode. Keep in mind that you can also select multiple shapes and edit them at the same time.

In Edit mode you can click on any point to select and move it. Click on a path to add a new point or hold down the Command key and drag a to nicely bend your path.

Selected points can also be adjusted using one of the four point type buttons from the Inspector. Depending on the type of path you have selected, you can close or open it using the button from the Inspector and you can adjust the corner radius for any selected points using the Radius slider.

Once you’re done editing your path you can leave Edit mode by pressing the Esc key twice or by clicking the Finish Editing button from the Inspector.

F is for Fill

A Fill sets the color for a layer in Sketch.

Clicking the Fill color from the Inspector will open the preview well. Using the top icons you can choose between five Fill types: Solid Color, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, Angular Gradient or Pattern/Image. Using the eyedropper button you can quickly grab a color from your design and use it for the Fill.

Lower the Opacity value whenever you wish to add a bit of transparency for your fill, add more than one fill using the + button, or use the button next to it if you wish to change the blend mode.

To disable a Fill, all you have to do is uncheck that box next to the Fill color. Alternatively, you can right-click a fill to copy, duplicate, or remove it.

G is for Grid

To enable the Grid, click the View button from your toolbar and go to Show Grid, go to View > Canvas > Show Grid in the menu bar or use the Control+G keyboard shortcut. Grids can be used to define the main structure of a design and to measure, align or easily create pixel perfect layers in Sketch.

To edit your Grid, click again that View button from your toolbar and select Grid Settings or go to View > Canvas > Grid Settings in the menu bar. In the newly opened window you can set the grid size and color. Make sure that you lower the color opacity to make your grid less distracting.

Check out this Sketch tutorial if you wish to get better at working with vectors in Sketch as you create this Nautical Tattoo Font: How to Create a Nautical Tattoo Font.

H is for Hand Tool

Holding down the Space bar will temporarily activate the Hand tool which can be used whenever you wish to pan and move around a document without accidentally selecting or moving layers.

I is for Image

Images can be added inside a selected shape using the Fill color from the Inspector. This method might squeeze or crop your image and in some cases you will want to add your full image as a standalone layer.

To achieve this, you can manually drag the image from your desktop or you can go to Insert > Image... and double-click the image that you want to add.

J is for Joins

Joins affect the corner points of a Border. Depending on the type of Join that you select from the Inspector, you can make the corners appear sharp (Miter Join), rounded (Round Join), or squared (Bevel Join). Click the Adjust Border Properties button if you can’t see these options.

K is for Command+K

Using this Sketch shortcut you can easily resize complex layers. Border size, shadow attributes and corner radius will be scaled accordingly. Scaling can be done proportionally or numerically, and you can set the reference point for the scaling using the Scale from button.

L is for Line

Select the Line tool from your toolbar or press the L hotkey whenever you wish to create a perfect straight line.

Once created, you can adjust the Border settings in the Inspector and you can easily turn it into an arrow line using the Start and End attributes.

M is for Masking

Masking gives you the possibility to hide parts of your design elements. There are two types of masks that can be applied in Sketch: Outline Masks and Alpha Masks.

Select the layer that will act as the mask along with the object (or objects) that will be masked. Simply right click on your selection and go to Mask. This will create a new group inside the Layer List which contains your mask and the masked layer. Any new layer that you drag above the mask, inside that group, will also be masked. To unmask a layer, select it, right click and go to Ignore Underlying Mask.

To create an Alpha mask, start by creating the Outline Mask. Once you’re done, select the mask from the Layer List and go to Layer > Mask > Mask Mode > Alpha Mask. Head over to the Fill settings and replace the flat color with a gradient. Having a point from your gradient selected simply lower the Opacity which will adjust the transparency of your masked layer. Keep in mind that the gradient colors are not important, only the Opacity values that you set for the gradient colors affect the mask.

N is for Command+N

Use this Sketch shortcut to quickly create a new document in Sketch for Mac.

O is for Overrides

Overrides go hand in hand with Sketch symbols. Symbols are design elements that can be easily reused across your UI designs. We’ll learn more about this amazing feature when we get to letter S.

Overrides show up in the Inspector whenever you have a symbol selected. Editing an override will change the content inside an individual Symbol instance . This change will not affect the Source symbol or any other instance of it.

Check out this Sketch tutorial if you wish to learn more about the power Sketch symbols and overrides as you create this food ordering iPad app UI design: How to Design a Food Ordering iPad UI Design in Sketch.

P is for Prototyping


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How to fix this DateFormatter error upon saving a node?

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:02

I am getting an intermittent error upon saving a node.

A google search returns a few similar errors but most relate to contrib modules. This appears to be related to core.

Any suggestions of the cause and how to fix it?

Error: Call to a member function getPattern() on null in Drupal\Core\Datetime\DateFormatter->format() (line 135 of /public_html/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Datetime/DateFormatter.php)

Drupal 8.9.16

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Module update with composer, updates module but not really

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:02

I am updating modules on my drupal site and I am using the composer like this:

composer require 'drupal/module'

The output I get from composer looks like everything is working fine but when I go to the update page of the modules nothing seems to change. The output from composer looks like this:

This is an occurence on every module I have.

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How to use [node:title] token as filename for media type fields?

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:02

I have a Drupal 9 site have two modules FILE (FIELD) PATH module and token is used.

So for a content type, one image field is there where in the File (Field) Path settings I have the file name as [node:title].[file:extension] and it works. https://nimb.ws/z8imjN

But when I add a media field, and go here admin/structure/media/manage/image/fields/media.image.field_media_image to add the file as [node:title] it doesn't allow me. Giving me this error File name is using the following invalid tokens: [node:title].

I clicked on the Browse available tokens and the node tokens doesn't appear in it for media.

I did some testing on my local and checked, if the Tokens module is not installed then on media it allows us to add [node:title] as filename in the file path settings of the the media fields.

Any way I can add the [node:title] with tokens module still installed? or any other suggestions?

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Old GZ file is generated after editing CSS original

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:02

After editing CSS file in the /sites/default/files/css directory I removed its GZ version and it's generated after a while, but with old CSS code.

How to edit CSS correctly? And how to force generating GZ immediately after editing CSS?

ps. Drupal 8.7.3

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What’s New in v8 of the CIS Controls

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 11:50

Back in 2018, the State of Security spent a lot of time going over v7 of the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls). We noted at the time how the Center for Internet Security shuffled the order of requirements for many of the existing controls in that version. It also cleaned up […]… Read More

The post What’s New in v8 of the CIS Controls appeared first on The State of Security.

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Sotheby’s Is Auctioning The World Wide Web’s Original Source Code As An NFT

Wed, 06/16/2021 - 11:04

Image via atm2003 / Shutterstock.com

Sotheby’s has teamed up with British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee to auction off his most famous creation as an NFT: the original source code to the World Wide Web.

The NFT will appear at Sotheby’s This Changed Everything auction, running from June 23 to June 30.

The starting bid for the NFT is priced at US$1,000, and while Sotheby’s has not released an estimate for the work, its final sale is likely to exceed its starting bid by a long shot.

According to ARTnews, proceeds from the sale of the NFT will go towards “causes” supported by Professor Berners-Lee and his wife, Rosemary Leith, though the exact organizations are not known.

Berners-Lee’s code served as the basis for the internet as we know it, including key features such as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), and Universal Document Identified (URI).

Apart from the source code files, a signed Python-backed digital “poster,” which serves as a visualization of the code, will also go under the hammer.

Additionally, a personal letter written by Berners-Lee, detailing his 1989 creation, will also go to the winning bidder.

Despite the code being open-source since 1993, the auction is a chance “to own the ultimate digitally-born artifact,” said Cassandra Hatton, Global Head of Science and Popular Culture at Sotheby’s.

The unique NFT is composed of 4 elements: the original, time-stamped code files written by Sir Tim; an animated visualization of the code; a digital “poster” of the full code created by Sir Tim; and a letter written by Sir Tim reflecting on the code today. (2/4)

— Sotheby's (@Sothebys) June 15, 2021

Learn more before the auction, being led by our Head of Science & Popular Culture Cassandra Hatton (@the_lynx_eyed), before it opens for bidding on 23 June: https://t.co/znBA9ut1WU (4/4)

— Sotheby's (@Sothebys) June 15, 2021

[via ARTnews, cover image via atm2003 / Shutterstock.com]
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How to brand fintech in the volatile Gamestop era

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 13:26

Startup Public hopes you’ll come for the AMC and Gamestop hype, but stay for the long-term portfolio.

There’s a new acronym being used in investing circles: BANG. It stands for Blackberry, AMC, Nokia, and Gamestop, four companies that have come to embody the phenomenon of meme stocks, or stocks that gain traction and investors largely through social media hype.

Read Full Story

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Should Web Designers Worry About Competition?

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:22

Virtually every business out there has competition – and it can get heated. For example, consider automobile manufacturers. Think about all the money they spend trying to one-up each other in both product features and marketing. Must be quite a stack of cash, huh?

Web design, at least at the freelance and small agency level, doesn’t give off that same vibe. There may be dozens of design firms in a given geographic area. Yet, they’re more likely to take part in a collective meetup rather than attempt to publicly call each other out.

Why is that? For one, the web design industry is based in part on sharing. It’s a community of people who freely share code, resources and advice. The widespread use of open-source software only encourages this behavior.

That’s not to say that web designers aren’t driven to succeed. It’s just that they don’t mind seeing others do the same – even in a highly competitive field.

Still, it brings up several questions. Do web designers need to spend time researching their competition? Should they worry about what other firms are doing? And, is there even any valuable information available?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Web Designer Toolbox Unlimited Downloads: 1,000,000+ Web Templates, Themes, Plugins, Design Assets, and much more! Web Templates 2,000+ Templates Newsletter Templates 270+ Templates Dashboard Templates 150+ Templates WordPress Themes 1,200+ Themes WordPress Plugins 550+ Plugins Mockup Templates 8,200+ Templates Start Downloading Now! Why Web Design Isn’t the Same as Other Industries

Quick: see how many great web design rivalries you can name. Can’t come up with any? Neither can we. Certainly nothing like Ford vs. General Motors or Coke vs. Pepsi.

But rivalry isn’t the name of the game here. That’s an aspect of web design that stands in contrast to other industries.

So often, competitors want to find out everything they can about each other in order to distinguish themselves. The idea is to outsmart and outsell everyone else. This is especially important in volume-related businesses, where the number of sales makes all the difference.

Volume isn’t so important for web designers, though. Theoretically, you can make more money from a single large project than you can from a handful of small ones. It’s more about finding the right clients, rather than taking whatever comes your way.

Thus, the traditional spirit of competition may not apply to web design.

The Challenge of Assessing Competitors

Perhaps one of the reasons some designers don’t focus on their competitors is the difficulty in getting relevant information. It’s much different than, say, retailers. There, you might simply browse a competitor’s location (physical or virtual) and compare product pricing and stock. Web design isn’t so straightforward.

A quick search will show you other firms in your immediate area or even your niche – if you’re thinking globally. But a number of traditional aspects of these businesses aren’t as easy to find.

For example, pricing and revenue is very rarely published. Thus, it’s harder to get a sense of where your own business stands in comparison. Client listings in a portfolio may provide some clues as to pricing and targeted industries, but that’s usually as far as one can get.

In addition, so much of the market is comprised of solo freelancers and small agencies. They’re not publicly-held companies and don’t have to publish financials and so on.

That means, at most, you’re left viewing a competitor’s website and maybe some of the other sites they’ve built. This isn’t ideal for the type of high-level intelligence gathering that we see in other industries.

Yes, It’s Still Worth Knowing the Competition

Given web design’s uniqueness, researching your competition may seem of little benefit. But that’s not necessarily the case. There are some valuable things these other designers can provide:

Design and Marketing Assessment

Comparing your portfolio website with those of your competitors can bring perspective. How do your design skills stack up to others? What sorts of information are other designers offering? What areas of your site could use some improvement?

At the very least, you’ll gain some knowledge of what prospective clients are looking at when shopping for a designer. That can help you make some positive changes to better serve them and encourage conversions.

Features and Functionality

Looking through the various sites in another designer’s portfolio gives a sense of what they provide to their clients. This is incredibly valuable when looking at your own services list.

With a little snooping, you can find out tons of useful info. For instance, it’s possible to find which content management system (CMS) was used on a project. From there, items such as themes, plugins and JavaScript libraries are also detectable. Even looking at the CSS source code will help you figure out how they achieved a specific layout.

While you may find that you’re ahead of some competitors, you might also discover that you’re behind others. There might even be some tools and technologies you can employ for future projects.

The Company They Keep

Is that other design firm really a direct competitor? One way to tell for sure is to look at their client listing. If they’re working with similarly-sized organizations or those within your niche, they may be worth watching.

On the other hand, there can be some value in seeing what larger and smaller companies are doing as well. Lessons can come from anywhere, after all.

Identify Your Competition, but Don’t Obsess

It’s unlikely that we’ll see competing web designers go after each other with boastful ads or guerilla marketing tactics anytime soon. That’s a good thing, as it keeps with the industry’s tradition of sharing. Plus, who would want such ugliness in the first place?

In our line of work, checking in on the competition is more of a learning opportunity. By seeing what other designers are up to, it helps us to understand our own place within the landscape. From there, we can make the necessary adjustments to get where we want to go.

Still, that doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on end doing research. Taking a quick look around from time to time is more than reasonable. And you might just learn something in the process.

Poll: How Much Time Do Web Designers Spend Researching the Competition?

Our very-unscientific Twitter poll asked designers about the amount of time they spend researching and/or thinking about their competitors. Most respondents do not appear to be obsessing over them.

Web designers and developers, do you ever spend time researching or thinking about your competitors?

— Eric Karkovack (@karks88) May 18, 2021

What do you think? Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

The post Should Web Designers Worry About Competition? appeared first on Speckyboy Design Magazine.

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Adobe Unveils The Color Swatch, Logo That Sum Up Your Astrological Sign

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:21

Images via Shutterstock / Shutterstock / Shutterstock

With more time for introspection these days, you’ve probably seen plenty of content about horoscopes and personality types floating around the internet. Spiritual themes have indeed transitioned into the realm of graphic design, and over the past months, Adobe has embraced them by dishing out horoscopes.

Each month, Adobe enlists art director and astrology enthusiast Berlin Michelle to imagine the 12 astrological signs as creative objects, such as color swatches or artistic mediums. These are paired with a monthly outlook for each sign.

Whether you’re into horoscopes or not, it can be agreed that the retro, cheerful illustrations will brighten up your feed.

Scroll down to find the logo, color match card, or creative medium that best suits your zodiac sign. You can check out more of Michelle’s work here.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adobe (@adobe)

Image by Berlin Michelle for Adobe

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adobe (@adobe)

Image by Berlin Michelle for Adobe

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adobe (@adobe)

Image by Berlin Michelle for Adobe

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Adobe (@adobe)

Image by Berlin Michelle for Adobe
[via Adobe, images via various sources]
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Amazon To Automatically Share Your Wi-Fi With Neighbors—Here’s How To Disable It

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:21

Image via Natee Meepian / Shutterstock.com

If you haven’t been on chummy terms with your neighbors, you might not be too excited about Amazon Sidewalk, the new service that the e-commerce giant is introducing on June 8. The feature automatically shares networks connected to your Echo and Ring devices with others in the vicinity, allowing people without internet access to hop onto your network.

As baffling as this seems, Amazon says Sidewalk could help a neighbor out when their Wi-Fi is down, or simplify the setup process of new devices. It could also alert people who are looking for their pets or valuables with their trackers in the area.

Devices connected to your Amazon Sidewalk network will receive a maximum bandwidth of 60Kbps, with a total monthly cap of 500MB. However, if you wish to opt out of this program, here’s how to do it.

If you’re using an Amazon Echo device, head over to your Amazon Alexa app and tap on ‘More’ at the bottom right corner. You’ll be able to locate and disable the Amazon Sidewalk setting under Settings > Account Settings.

For Ring devices, tap the three-lined menu icon in the Ring app and head over to Control Center > Amazon Sidewalk, where you’ll be able to opt out of the feature.

Bleeping Computer details that once Amazon Sidewalk is switched off, it will not be activated again without your permission.

[via Bleeping Computer, cover image via Natee Meepian / Shutterstock.com]
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Disney Confirms Loki Is Gender-Fluid In New Teaser For Marvel Series

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:21
[Click here to view the video in this article]

Video screenshot via Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Studios is snapping the trope of hypermasculinity in action films into dust with the upcoming Loki television series, coming to Disney+ on June 11.

A new teaser confirms the eponymous God of Mischief as gender-fluid, which is in line with depictions of the character in the comics. According to CBR, Loki has taken on the appearance of a woman in a number of issues, and his adoptive father Odin once hinted this gender identity when addressing his children as “my son, and my daughter [Angela], and my child who is both.”

This is, however, the first instance that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has confirmed Loki to be gender-fluid. In a new 18-second video, viewers are offered a brief look at the file the Time Variance Authority (TVA) has compiled about Loki Laufeyson; “Fluid” is indicated under “Sex.”

It’s certainly a tribute to Marvel lore, but it’s also a huge step forward for Disney, which has traditionally kept to developing heteronormative characters. This has changed in recent years, as Disney is gradually diversifying to include LGBTQ+ roles.


— melina 🏳️‍🌈 ☆ (@sugyeongie) June 6, 2021

[via CBR, cover image via Marvel Entertainment]
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Eduardo del Fraile

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 11:59
Categories: World News

What is everyone using and recommending?

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 11:51

I have been away from Linux for quite some time and am looking at coming back due to apple continually lowering their standards and windows still being windows.

I purchased an HP all in one with fedora pre installed thinking that it would work out of the box and I was pretty disappointed, the wifi card didn’t work so I had to get an Ethernet cable and download the drivers to get on the internet (I think I heard that joke in the 90s). Upgraded to fedora 34 and went from having no internet to having internet but freezing randomly for a day culminating in it no longer loading the OS at all (even the recovery version freezes before finishing boot).

so I am in the market for a new distro since fedora has been such an epic fail for me. Since I got the computer mainly for writing I will be looking for a distro that favours stability over cutting edge software as I won’t need the latest version of libre office, just a version that won’t die on me. Back before I joined the cult of mac I used suse for this reason, is suse still really good or would you suggest I look another way?

submitted by /u/Askdrillsarge
[visit reddit] [comments]
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How can I add an accordion?

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 11:48

I would like to create an accordion using the Drupal 9 webform. Any suggestions on how it should be done? Thanks

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How to display a block on only the listed pages using wildcard and excluding subpages?

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 11:48

I have a block I'm displaying using block setting's "Only the listed pages". I'm using a wild card asterisk to show the block on any pages following about-us/. For example: about-us/*

The problem is I ONLY want pages immediately after about-us/ to show. For example about-us/faq would show the block but about-us/faq/content should NOT show the block.

I tried about-us/*/ but that had no effect.

Any suggestions?

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Securing Computerized Vehicles from Potential Cybersecurity Threats

Mon, 06/07/2021 - 11:39

Like technology itself, cybersecurity is ever-evolving and encompassing more areas of our lives, including transportation. Popular science fiction movies have led us to expect flying taxis and private space travel as the future of transportation. If that is going to become an eventual reality, the first steps towards that future are “smart cars” and automated […]… Read More

The post Securing Computerized Vehicles from Potential Cybersecurity Threats appeared first on The State of Security.

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