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Updated: 1 min 56 sec ago

Instagram Called Out For Double Standards After Deleting Photographer’s Account

25 min 55 sec ago

Image by Dragana Jurišić and featured with permission

Facebook has recently vowed to slacken some of its censorship rules, but the extent to which its policing has been fine-tuned is still unclear.

In spite of this promise, Dublin-based photographer Dragana Jurišić had her account taken down by Facebook-owned Instagram after she posted one of her works showing a naked woman whose breasts were censored by a leaf. The image is part of her ‘100 Muses’ project, which sees women directing their own photos to celebrate self-representation.

The photo amassed over 500 likes before Instagram deleted her account “without any prior warning.” Jurišić gathered she did not go against Instagram’s policies—in fact, the model’s nipples were covered with a leaf for the sake of the image going online—and was led to believe her account was hacked.

Upon contacting the image-sharing platform, however, she learned from Instagram that her account was “disabled for not following Terms of Use.”

Instagram’s terms read, “You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.”

The photo was also uploaded on Facebook, and Jurišić said she was “blocked from posting and commenting.” When her friends re-posted it and compared it to Kim Kardashian West’s topless Instagram selfie, the network removed their uploads.

While the photographer had backups of her Instagram images on her computer, she lost seven years worth of “dates, times, notes, comments and discussions that developed around many of my posts.” She reached out to Teru Kuwayama, a photo community manager at Instagram and Facebook, and though he seemed sincere about helping her reinstate her account, he said Instagram refused to because of “repeated nudity.”

Jurišić recalled, “Interestingly, a friend of mine tried reporting a soft porn Instagram account by a male photographer for violation of terms. These images show much more than any of my posts did—and she got a response that they do not violate any terms.”

“This is mind-boggling to me. It boils down to female nipples and hair.”

Nearly a week later, Instagram finally reinstated Jurišić’s account. Unfortunately, the photographer said that over 3,000 of her older posts were still missing.

In light of the snafu, Jurišić warned Instagram users to download their data “ASAP, and if you are remaining on the platform, do it on a regular basis.”

“According to Instagram, ‘some nipples’ are fine and some are not so fine (Who writes this shit, seven year olds?). The issue of how Instagram and Facebook police female bodies is something that no one should take lightly. Instagram is flooded with millions of images of highly sexualized content, images they monetize—however the female nipple ban points out to the inherent misogyny that is built into this platform.”

For more of Jurišić’s works, head over to her website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Test printing ‘100 Muses’ for the ‘Naked Truth’ show in @crawfordartgallery in July

UX Design and GDPR: Everything You Need to Know

31 min 13 sec ago

You're reading UX Design and GDPR: Everything You Need to Know, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+!

The internet is where we spend a lot of our time, whether working, studying or communicating. And if in physical life there are very clear laws and regulations in terms of privacy and personal life, things are quite different on …

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Stacey Abrams wins; Cagle, Kemp in runoff | Timeline of election results - 11Alive.com WXIA

2 hours 4 min ago
BOOKMARK THIS PAGE: Election results. Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp are in a July 24 runoff, and the winner will face Stacey Abrams in what will be one of the nation's most-watched gubernatorial races this fall. Turnout was light Tuesday as Georgians went ...

and more »
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Brand Is Erecting Billboard For 12 Years To Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

2 hours 8 min ago
[Click here to view the video in this article]

Sioo:x Wood Protection shields outdoor wood surfaces by treating them with a 100 percent eco-friendly and natural, silver-gray hue.

The company insists that the treatment keeps the wood surfaces well protected for 12 years.

Some potential customers might think that 12 years is nearly too good to be true, so Sioo:x Wood Protection has decided to prove that it’s for real.

The brand has created ‘The World’s Most Boring Billboard’ made from Sioo:x Wood Protection-treated boards and installed it into a triple-sided billboard, which it has booked for the next 12 years, in Malmö, Sweden.

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.

[via Adeevee, video via Sioo:x Wood Protection, image via video screenshot]
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OFF-WHITE Unveils ‘Impressionism’ Collection Inspired By Monet’s Art Style

2 hours 8 min ago

Images via Off-White

Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE has unraveled the lookbook for its artistic pre-spring 2019 collection.

Titled ‘Impressionism’, the series’ pieces sport prints of an 1874 artwork by Édouard Manet, which shows his friend Claude Monet painting in a boat.

While the aesthetic seems to skew from those of OFF-WHITE’s current offerings, it illustrates the parallels between streetwear designers and Impressionists, whose vibrant works were deemed “vulgar” back in the day; streetwear is arguably held in a similar regard.

With that being said, Abloh mixed things up with camo prints, and a few OFF-WHITE staples including denim jackets, sweaters, and trousers, serve as canvases for the once-considered controversial art style.

The collection is expected to drop later this year. View some items in the Instagram album below and check out more on the OFF-WHITE website.

A post shared by Off-White™ (@off____white) on May 21, 2018 at 8:30am PDT

[via Vogue, images via various sources]
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Manchester United x adidas Debut New Navy Kit Made Of Recycled Ocean Plastic

2 hours 8 min ago
[Click here to view the video in this article]

adidas and Parley for the Oceans makes further eco-friendly headway in this recent partnership with Manchester United Football Club. The trio has incorporated ocean plastic into the latter’s new jerseys.

Manchester United director Richard Arnold said that the team is delighted to raise awareness on the threat of plastic to the environment through this special kit design.

Its dark blue shirt features the words “For the Oceans” in the inner neckline, with the adidas logo and club crest in gold. These latest jerseys also replicate Manchester United’s 1968 royal blue kit and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the team’s European Cup win.

Evidently, the blue jerseys reflect the world’s oceans that face continuous harm due to persistent plastic pollution.

adidas category product director Oliver Nicklisch said that hopefully, with these new Manchester United jerseys, the community will better understand how detrimental plastic is to the oceans and encourage fans to create a better environment for people to live in.

The players will don the new kit during their pre-season summer tour in the United States. adidas previously collaborated with Parley to create shirts made of upcycled plastic for Real Madrid and Bayern Munich as well.

[via Dezeen, opening image via Dezeen]
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LEGO ‘Friends’ Proposed Edition Will Give You Too Much Nostalgia To Handle

2 hours 8 min ago
[Click here to view the video in this article]

A user on the ‘LEGO Ideas’ platform has submitted a Friends-themed edition that could very well inundate you with a gigantic wave of nostalgia.

For anyone who grew up with the hit sitcom Friends and LEGO bricks, user ‘Mric76’ has come up with this satisfying fusion throwback to yesteryear.

The project’s creator explains that he’s had a passion for LEGO from a young age and found this idea interesting, seeing as how no proposal for a ‘Central Perk’-themed set has been submitted.

This ‘Central Perk Coffee of Friends’ edition comprises 1,719 bricks and seven figures modeled after the characters. There’s even the iconic sofa and armchair that surrounds the central coffee table, as well as details including the coffee machine, mugs, and decorative elements from the show.

At time of writing, ‘Mric76’ has 7,625 supporters for this idea, with 206 days left to go for the proposal. He has to attain a total of 10,000 supporters before this project is advanced to the next phase called ‘LEGO Review’.

Here, a review board of set designers and marketing representatives will evaluate the project and determine if it will become a brand new set. If successful, chosen projects will become officially produced by LEGO and eventually released for sale.

If you’d love to see this LEGO ‘Friends’ edition become a reality, show your support for the project here.

You can also check out its adorable promotional video below that gives you a close-up look at the characters as LEGO figures.

If you need more Friends-inspired entertainment, Monopoly’s special ‘Friends’ edition is truly for play with your best homies.

[via LEGO Ideas, video via Mric Brick, images by Mric Brick via GOLEM13.FR]
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Considering A Switch From Fedora To Debian: Thoughts?

2 hours 36 min ago

I've always been partial to the Red Hat family of distros. My first Linux distro was Red Hat Linux 7.3 back in 2002 and Fedora has been my primary OS for the last several years now (since Fedora 21). And, I currently run CentOS on a few servers I maintain. However, between Red Hat and Fedora, I've dabbled in various other distros... Ubuntu, Mint, ElementaryOS, Kali, TAILS, and Puppy to name a few. All of which are derivatives of Debian.

What I like about Fedora:

1) I love the fact that it's "bleeding edge". There isn't a week that goes by without a software update or even a kernel update. My machine is always up to date with the latest software. 2) I never have an issue when I'm flashing custom ROMS on smartphones. 3) The software store and repositories are abundant with must-haves and useful software.

So, here's the thing. Although I've never officially explored Debian (although I've got a Jessie Live image on USB), I'm considering switching to Debian.

I hear good things about Debian. I also see third party software, support Debian more than any other Linux distro. So, I'd like to ask you for your thoughts and insights as to why I should or shouldn't migrate to Debian as my go to distro. Thanks!

submitted by /u/MadFoss1
[visit reddit] [comments]
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Electronic Health Records Under Attack: How to Protect and Secure These Critical Assets

2 hours 56 min ago

If breaches to electronic health record systems continue at their current pace, each and every American can expect their private medical data to be compromised at least once by 2024. Once adversaries obtain a patient’s health information (PHI), they can sell it to the highest bidder—leaving targets vulnerable to all manner of fraud and theft. […]… Read More

The post Electronic Health Records Under Attack: How to Protect and Secure These Critical Assets appeared first on The State of Security.

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Understanding the Primary Threats and Security Concerns to Container Environments

2 hours 56 min ago

Regular readers of The State of Security should now have a general understanding of why organizations need security for their containers. But they still might be a bit fuzzy on the specifics. In particular, they might still be unclear on the types of threats they need to address as well as the container areas that […]… Read More

The post Understanding the Primary Threats and Security Concerns to Container Environments appeared first on The State of Security.

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My thoughts on Adobe buying Magento for $1.68 billion

2 hours 59 min ago

Yesterday, Adobe announced that it agreed to buy Magento for $1.68 billion. When I woke up this morning, 14 different people had texted me asking for my thoughts on the acquisition.

Adobe acquiring Magento isn't a surprise. One of our industry's worst-kept secrets is that Adobe first tried to buy Hybris, but lost the deal to SAP; subsequently Adobe tried to buy DemandWare and lost out against Salesforce. It's evident that Adobe has been hungry to acquire a commerce platform for quite some time.

The product motivation behind the acquisition

Large platform companies like Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Adobe are trying to own the digital customer experience market from top to bottom, which includes providing support for marketing, commerce, personalization, and data management, in addition to content and experience management and more.

Compared to the other platform companies, Adobe was missing commerce. With Magento under its belt, Adobe can better compete against Salesforce, Oracle and SAP.

While Salesforce, SAP and Oracle offer good commerce capability, they lack satisfactory content and experience management capabilities. I expect that Adobe closing the commerce gap will compel Salesforce, SAP and Oracle to act more aggressively on their own content and experience management gap.

While Magento has historically thrived in the SMB and mid-market, the company recently started to make inroads into the enterprise. Adobe will bring a lot of operational maturity; how to sell into the enterprise, how to provide enterprise grade support, etc. Magento stands to benefit from this expertise.

The potential financial outcome behind the acquisition

According to Adobe press statements, Magento has achieved "approximately $150 million in annual revenue". We also know that in early 2017, Magento raised $250 million in funding from Hillhouse Capital. Let's assume that $180 million of that is still in the bank. If we do a simple back-of-the-envelope calculation, we can subtract this $180 million from the $1.68 billion, and determine that Magento was valued at roughly $1.5 billion, or a 10x revenue multiple on Magento's trailing twelve months of revenue. That is an incredible multiple for Magento, which is primarily a licensing business today.

Compare that with Shopify, which is trading at a $15 billion dollar valuation and has $760 million of twelve month trailing revenue. This valuation is good for a 20x multiple. Shopify deserves the higher multiple, because it's the better business; all of its business is delivered in the cloud and at 65% year-over-year revenue growth, it is growing much faster than Magento.

Regardless, one could argue that Adobe got a great deal, especially if it can accelerate Magento's transformation from a licensing business into a cloud business.

Most organizations prefer best-of-breed

While both the product and financial motivations behind this acquisition are seemingly compelling, I'm not convinced organizations want an integrated approach.

Instead of being confined to proprietary vendors' prescriptive suites and roadmaps, global brands are looking for an open platform that allows organizations to easily integrate with their preferred technology. Organizations want to build content-rich shopping journeys that integrate their experience management solution of choice with their commerce platform of choice.

We see this first hand at Acquia. These integrations can span various commerce platforms, including IBM WebSphere Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud/Demandware, Oracle/ATG, SAP/hybris, Magento and even custom transaction platforms. Check out Quicken (Magento), Weber (Demandware), Motorola (Broadleaf Commerce), Tesla (custom to order a car, and Shopify to order accessories) as great examples of Drupal and Acquia working with various commerce platforms. And of course, we've quite a few projects with Drupal's native commerce solution, Drupal Commerce.

Owning Magento gives Adobe a disadvantage, because commerce vendors will be less likely to integrate with Adobe Experience Manager moving forward.

It's all about innovation through integration

Today, there is an incredible amount of innovation taking place in the marketing technology landscape (full-size image), and it is impossible for a single vendor to have the most competitive product suite across all of these categories. The only way to keep up with this unfettered innovation is through integrations.

For reference, here are the 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 versions of the landscape. It shows how fast the landscape is growing.

Most customers want an open platform that allows for open innovation and unlimited integrations. It's why Drupal and Acquia are winning, why the work on Drupal's web services is so important, and why Acquia remains committed to a best-of-breed strategy for commerce. It's also why Acquia has strong conviction around Acquia Journey as a marketing integration platform. It's all about innovation through integration, making those integrations easy, and removing friction from adopting preferred technologies.

If you acquire a commerce platform, acquire a headless one

If I were Adobe, I would have looked to acquire a headless commerce platform such as Elastic Path, Commerce Tools, Moltin, Reaction Commerce or even Salsify.

Today, there is a lot of functional overlap between Magento and Adobe Experience Manager — from content editing, content workflows, page building, user management, search engine optimization, theming, and much more. The competing functionality between the two solutions makes for a poor developer experience and for a poor merchant experience.

In a headless approach, the front end and the back end are decoupled, which means the experience or presentation layer is separated from the commerce business layer. There is a lot less overlap of functionality in this approach, and it provides a better experience for merchants and developers.

Alternatively, you could go for a deeply integrated approach like Drupal Commerce. It has zero overlap between its commerce, content management and experience building capabilities.

For Open Source, it could be good or bad

How Adobe will embrace Magento's Open Source community is possibly the most intriguing part of this acquisition — at least for me.

For a long time, Magento operated as Open Source in name, but wasn't very Open Source in practice. Over the last couple of years, the Magento team worked hard to rekindle its Open Source community. I know this because I attended and keynoted one of its conferences on this topic. I have also spent a fair amount of time with Magento's leadership team discussing this. Like other projects, Magento has been taking inspiration from Drupal.

For example, the introduction of Magento 2 allowed the company to move to GitHub for the first time, which gave the community a better way to collaborate on code and other important issues. The latest release of Magento cited 194 contributions from the community. While that is great progress, it is small compared to Drupal.

My hope is that these Open Source efforts continue now that Magento is part of Adobe. If they do, that would be a tremendous win for Open Source.

On the other hand, if Adobe makes Magento cloud-only, radically changes their pricing model, limits integrations with Adobe competitors, or doesn't value the Open Source ethos, it could easily alienate the Magento community. In that case, Adobe bought Magento for its install base and the Magento brand, and not because it believes in the Open Source model.

This acquisition also signals a big win for PHP. Adobe now owns a $1.68 billion PHP product, and this helps validate PHP as an enterprise-grade technology.

Unfortunately, Adobe has a history of being "Open Source"-second and not "Open Source"-first. It acquired Day Software in July 2010. This technology was largely made using open source frameworks — Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit and more — and was positioned as an open, best-of-breed solution for developers and agile marketers. Most of that has been masked and buried over the years and Adobe's track record with developers has been mixed, at best.

Will the same happen to Magento? Time will tell.

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McDonald’s Celebrates 45th Anniversary Of ‘Egg McMuffin’ With Catchy New Jingle

3 hours 12 min ago
[Click here to view the video in this article]

McDonald’s has brought back some retro feels with its latest catchy jingle to celebrate the 45th anniversary of its ‘Egg McMuffin’.

It’s teamed up with The Songwriters Hall of Fame member Roger Greenaway, who created the famous song I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.

This catchy new jingle, titled The Sounds of Breakfast, offers robotic remixes that emulate cooking sounds, such as the cracking of an egg, ham sizzling on a pan, as well as the spreading of butter on toast.

A McDonald’s spokesperson explained that the new song was written to make customers feel excited to enjoy a fresh breakfast. The jazzy tune of the soundtrack also helps set the mood in the morning.

In addition, the fast food chain has partnered with various social media influencers, such as @cassiediamonddd, to promote the tune and allow their followers to stand a chance to win free breakfast from its restaurants the whole year round.

The promotion, which ends on 25 May, will reward 10 runner-up winners with a vinyl album. For more information, check out McDonald’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Celebrate all there is to love about McDonald’s breakfast with our new, retro-inspired breakfast jingle!

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Watch: Japanese Guy Turns Jello Into Extremely Sharp, Fully Functional Knife

3 hours 12 min ago
[Click here to view the video in this article]

Who would’ve thought that soft jello could be turned into a sharp, useable knife in the confines of one’s own home?

In this eye-opening video from YouTube channel kiwami japan, its host creates the “sharpest jello kitchen knife in the world.”

First, about a dozen bite-sized jello packs are melted in a saucepan. This is mixed with blue food coloring and gelatin, before being left to simmer for three hours. The concoction is strained into a shallow pan and cooled inside the refrigerator.

The chilled jello sheet is shaped into a knife, and firmed through dehydration. It’s then sharpened on a number of whetstones and voilà. You get a razor-sharp DIY knife that can be used to cut items ranging from paper to vegetables. The host demonstrates this on a cucumber and sheet of plain paper.

The experiment doesn’t stop here though. In a reverse on its life cycle, the jello knife gets snapped into half, melted down in a saucepan, and repackaged into the bite-sized snack packs from which it came.

Watch the video below.

[via Motherboard, video via kiwami japan, images via video screenshot]
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Instagram Introduces ‘Mute’ Function So Your Feed Gets More Personalized

3 hours 12 min ago

Similar to Facebook’s ‘Mute’ function, Instagram has introduced this feature that lets you hide posts and ‘Stories’ from particular accounts without having to unfollow them.

Instagram announced that the addition allows users to tailor their feeds, such that the information they have access to becomes “even more personalized.”

“When you mute an account, you can still see posts on their profile page and get notified about comments or posts you’re tagged in,” Instagram explains. “The accounts you mute will not be aware that you’ve muted them. You can always unmute an account to get their posts back in your feed.”

To access this ‘Mute’ function, simply click on the ‘…’ menu in the top right-hand corner of the post. Select between muting posts only, or muting posts and ‘Stories’ from a profile. “You can also mute posts and stories by pressing and holding on a story in your tray, or from a profile,” adds the brand.

Instagram recentlyenabled feed posts to be shared directly to your ‘Stories’, following Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom’s public declaration to help tackle users’ mindless online browsing with the social network’s in-development ‘Usage Insights’ feature.

[via Instagram]
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3D & CGI Illustrations: Human Color Sets by G R A Z A ™

4 hours 37 min ago
3D & CGI Illustrations: Human Color Sets by G R A Z A ™ AoiroStudio May 23, 2018

It looks like we have never featured the work of G R A Z A ™ before on ABDZ. Well, his "Human Color Sets" will be the perfect first opportunity which is a set of 3D & CGI Illustrations. First of all, you just gotta love the "set" aspect of this series where you can only imagine one perspective with yet so much details from the fog, neons and even the reflection effect from the water on the sidewalk. G R A Z A ™ is a Digital Art Studio based in Lima - Perú. Focusing their work on Art direction, 3D illustration & Character design, you should definitely follow more of their projects on Behance.

Human Color Sets // Art Direction & CGI Production by GRAZA // May 2018

More Links 3D & CGI Illustrations 3d cgi illustration
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‘World’s Smallest’ Portable iPhone Charger Is About The Size Of Your Car Key

5 hours 18 min ago
[Click here to view the video in this article]

Instead of lugging around a battery pack or messy USB cord to refuel your smartphone whilst out and about, this “world’s smallest” portable charger gives you a more convenient, organized alternative.

Chargerito’—designed by Alex Andon, Nick Velander and Drew Hauck—is about the size of a key fob with foldable plug that easily attaches to any standard US outlet. It “works with iPhone 5/c/s, 6/+/S/S+, SE, 7/+, 8/+, X, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPod Touch 5/6, iPod Nano 7, and Airpods.”

The accessory comes in three versions: Apple iPhone (US$30); USB-C (US$25); Micro-USB (US$25).

Learn more about ‘Chargerito’ in the video below and purchase it here.

In addition to attaching ‘Chargerito’ to your car key’s chain, you could also fasten this world’s first collapsible, reusable straw that bids goodbye to plastic forever.

[via Yanko Design, video via Alex Andon, images via Chargerito]
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